Educatie de partid? Un mesaj de la sursa.

Pe pagina de Facebook a organizatiei „Scoala de Valori” a aparut recent un mesaj pe care ei se pare ca l-ar fi primit de la un colaborator mai vechi.

Iata si mesajul. Din nefericire in limba engleza:

„Un apel primit de la Colin Lam din Hong Kong, unul din fostii nostri traineri internationali din GROW. Despre educatie si libertate. Sau lipsa celei din urma:

„Dear Grow friends,

Hong Kong is currently in crisis. Our government reinforced a national education program which is Chinese communist party biased. The content was not aimed to develop students’ critical thinking skills, but to one-side promote the greatness of China, ignoring the previous briuses in political ruling, like 1989 June 4th event and violent Cultural Revolution.

press coverage

Thousands of HK citizens opposed the programme and voiced out their opinion by protests, gatherings, carnival, and now hunger strikes. Yet the government still bother to care.I hope you would pay attention to this event happening in Hong Kong, the only place in China enjoys freedom of speech.As a trainer before, I now realize how Grow as an educational programme has a great influence on development of students’ critical thinking and individualilty. And I truly appreciate the hard work of Grow on Romanian teenagers.


PS: „Grow” este un proiect de educatie nonformala adresat elevilor de liceu.

Mai multe despre acest subiect intr-un articol de pe 1 septembrie 2012 in Bangkok Post:



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